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What Is THE CUT?

THE CUT is a limited collection of pieces found at Puritan Cape Cod, hand-selected by our expert buyers. We challenge them to select their favorite pieces for the season based on the top trends happening NOW. 

Which pieces make THE CUT?

To make THE CUT an item must be on-trend and it must be a stand-out staple for the season, seen everywhere and on every one. These are the 12 most noteworthy pieces in the entire store, specially selected so you don't have to rummage through the racks. If you're looking for the latest looks to stay on-trend, these are the styles you need to know about.

Why such a small selection?

Style, simplified. There is an ocean full of fashion options. The pieces in this collection take the guess work out of online shopping. You can trust that these styles were selected with careful thought and consideration, and highly recommended by our style experts. 

Each CUT is only here for a limited time!

When a new CUT is released, the last is history.
Style is fleeting and constantly changing... so THE CUT must be too...